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Trading license: Paul to meet headmen

KHADC Executive Member (Trade), Paul Lyngdoh will convene a meeting with headmen soon to discuss tightening of procedures for granting of trading license.
“We need the cooperation of headmen on the matter since they are the ones who issue no-objection certificate for non-tribals to carry out trade and business. Once the no-objection certificate is issued by headmen, the KHADC has to grant the trading license,” Lyngdoh told media persons here today.
Lyngdoh informed that he would first hold a meeting with the headmen of Shillong city and its outskirt to discuss the issue thoroughly.
“We will be issuing a manual of instructions for the dorbar shnongs. There will be certain provisions to be followed by them while clearing the no-objection certificate to non-tribal traders,” Lyngdoh said.
According to him, granting of NOC should be based on the collective decision of the executive committee of a dorbar shnong.
He also said that KHADC would tighten its grip on trading by non-tribals by raising the trading license fee by 100-150 per cent and introduction of digital application form for people applying for trading license.
Lyngdoh also said that there are around 5000 non-tribal traders who have obtained trading license from KHADC.
According to him, KHADC’s enforcement wing suffered from manpower shortage and presently has only 78 personnel.
Meanwhile, a delegation of HYC met Lyngdoh today and demanded regular inspection of shops owned by non-tribals.
The HYC also appraised Lyngdoh about the findings by its members that around 200 shops at Iewduh have no trading license.
“KHADC should not wait for pressure groups to conduct inspection of trading license. The council should carry out its duty regularly and seriously,” HYC general secretary Roy Kupar Synrem told media persons.