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KHNAM blasts Conrad over ILP issue

The KHNAM has hit out at Chief Minister Conrad Sangma for stating that Inner Line Permit (ILP) is not an issue.
In a statement issued today, KHNAM president Pyndapbor Saibon said that the chief minister was speaking in two tongues on the issue of influx.
“On one hand, Conrad Sangma said that his government is serious on safeguarding the interest of indigenous people, on the other he said that ILP cannot be implemented. This is like speaking in two tongues,” Saibon said.
“How can the chief minister say that ILP cannot be implemented when the High Power Committee set up by the previous government has recommended implementation of ILP?” Saibon asked.
The KHNAM president also said that ILP was not aimed at preventing movement of Indians into Meghalaya but to ensure that the person entering the State should not stay beyond the stipulated period.
Saibon also said that the present government is not interested in calling experts and stakeholders for thorough discussion on the ILP issue.
“It appeared that the chief minister wanted to implement only his own agenda and aspiration. Is the present chief minister paying more attention and respect to BJP and RSS for vote bank politics?” the KHNAM president further asked.
It may be mentioned that Sangma had yesterday stated that ILP is not an issue but protection of the indigenous people is a priority.
Sangma asserted that the government is looking at the best possible mechanism to address the problem of influx and illegal immigrants in the State.