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Garo Hills residents slam ‘unaware’ Deputy Speaker over corruption

Tura, Sep 15: Deputy Speaker Timothy D Shira’s claim to be unaware of any misappropriation in the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) has not gone down well with residents of Garo Hills.
“What more proof do you need even after the GHADC has not paid its employees for the past 28 months and counting? If this is not political oblivion what else is. The Deputy Speaker does not even need to go to other places, his own MDC constituency is enough to give him a reality check,” said a lawyer from Resubelpara, Rinaldo K Sangma.
The GHADC and its equivalent in Jaiñtia Hills (JHADC) have become the centre of attention in recent days with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) coming down heavily on corruption in both houses. The party has even sought a CBI inquiry into the alleged misappropriation to bring out the culprits in what is expected to be a multi-crore scam.
The issue of central government funds misuse as well as that of the GHADC’s own funds being lost has seen many in Garo Hills seeking answers.
Allegations against all GHADC MDCs about not completing the work allotted to their constituencies have been making the rounds and have made for social media outbursts against the representatives.
“Show us one MDC who has completed his allotted work, either through the NITI Aayog funds or through the council’s own funds and I will withdraw my objections,” Bappun A Sangma, a member of the Youth Congress in North Garo Hills, said. “It is matter of serious concern that the GHADC is being used to further the economic and political aspirations of a few officers and politicians while the rest of the region just looks on. The time to act has already passed.”
None of the MDCs is truly working for the common man in Garo Hills, he said, adding, “There are many MDCs who, in order to withdraw more than the 60 percent advance given to them, showed work done by Village Employment Councils as work done by them. Where is their shame in cheating their own people?”
Meanwhile many MDCs of the present disposition are now facing corruption cases against them in various courts and even in the Lokayukta. Many projects that were to have been completed in a year or so are allegedly yet to get off the ground, though money has already been withdrawn.
“There is so much information on corruption in the public domain and employees of the GHADC are without salary for 28 months, so the Deputy Speaker needs to wake up and start looking at what is wrong. There is no point in hiding behind an illusion,” said a Tura resident, Maxbirth Momin.