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‘Khasi language must be compulsory in Class 11, 12’

Shillong, Sep 15: Khasi must be a compulsory subject in Class 11 and 12 in order to boost the case for the language to be included in the Eighth Schedule of the constitution, the working committee of Ka Sur U Paidbah Ka Bri U Hynñiewtrep said today.
Working committee Chairman Egenstar Kurkalang said that because the Education Department made Khasi, through Modern Indian Languages, a selective subject since 2014 for Class 11 and 12, the fight to make it part of the Eighth Schedule has been made harder.
“We feel that before we knock on the door of the central government on this issue we have to start first in our state and so we demand that the Education Department once against make Khasi a compulsory subject,” Kurkalang said.
The earlier hurdle for Eighth Schedule status was that Khasi was not an official language in Meghalaya. Now, however, it is an associate official language, along with Garo, and the government has to be more “serious” on the matter.
Kurkalang said that the group has also demanded that Shillong Lok Sabha MP Vincent Pala and Rajya Sabha MP W Kharlukhi push for the inclusion of Khasi in the Eighth Schedule.