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Sur U Paidbah demands action on ST certificate ‘misuse’

Shillong, Sep 15: Ka Sur U Paidbah Ka Bri U Hynñiewtrep will complain to Chief Secretary MS Rao about the alleged misuse of Scheduled Tribe certificates by non-indigenous people in Meghalaya.
There are strict guidelines laid down by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on the issuance of Schedule Tribe and Scheduled Caste certificates, Ka Sur U Paidbah’s leader Thomas Passah said today. There are also supposed to be stringent penalties for officials who issue such certificates without proper verification of the identity of a person applying for a tribal certificate.
“We will be sending a letter to the Chief Secretary and enclose all the letters from the MHA and see that this issue is streamlined in the state so that no opportunist dares to take advantage of the ST/SC certificates and that there is no recklessness from the certificate-issuing authorities,” Passah said.
He also lambasted the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) for, he said, not taking action on a complaint against the misuse of tribal surnames by non-indigenous people.
“If the KHADC cannot even take steps on these kinds of complaints, then the KHADC should do away with the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Lineage Act,” Passah said.