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Youth dreams of a wooden bag, crafts it in reality

Nongstoiñ, Sep 14: Dreams don’t work unless you take action. These words hold true for a 20 year old student from Tiehsaw in Nongstoiñ who literally took his dream of a wooden bag to reality and carved it using his skilled hands.
Lashanbor Sohshang, the eldest son of Aistarlin Sohshang and Lamphrangson Marwein is a youth who spend most of the time observing his father and uncle working at a furniture shop pre-Covid times and now has been able to carve handbags and other variety of bags with wood.
“In 2017, one day I was sleeping and had a dream that I was carrying a wooden bag. This entered my thoughts and I can’t stop thinking about it (bag). Therefore, I tried a hand at it by collecting unused wood from my uncle’s furniture shop,” Lashanbor told Highland Post.
The bags which range from clutches to shoulder-bags and tote were handcrafted by Lashanbor using basic woodwork tools. He says he tries to blend them aesthetically with denims and handbag chains bought from the market.
“At the beginning I would take a lot of time to finish a bag. I would work on it for a week, but now I can finish a bag in three days,” he said with a satisfactory smile.
Lashanbor says most orders come from people who want to send them as gifts to friends.
While this was a little dream that Lashanbor turned it into a reality inside his home, his desire is also to support his parents financially and own a shop. Therefore, he said, “I accompany my father who is a carpenter and now I can make doors, cupboards, tables and chairs.”
His father, Lamphrangson supports his education besides teaching him his trade, however was not aware of the skills that his son had acquired watching him.
“He would hide whatever he makes from my sight. This is because he was not confident if his creation would be perfect,” Lamphrangson said. But now he said he is happy that his son has been able to make use of his talent and hoped one day he can stand on his own two feet and become one of the best craftsman.
Study says that almost 92 per cent of Gen X consider online gaming to be the best pastime and youngsters are usually interested in playing different sports and games because this is what makes them feel happy.
For Lashanbor, these games are just a waste of time. “Online games will not help us and make our future bright. We have to use our talents because times are hard and we cannot depend solely on securing a government job,” he said.