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State retesting all symptomatic but ‘negative’ Covid cases with RT-PCR

Shillong, Sep 10: The Health Department today said that all those who have symptoms of Covid-19 but who have returned a negative result using the rapid antigen test are being retested using the more reliable RT-PCR test.
This has been mandated by the Union Health Ministry and Indian Council of Medical Research for all states and Union Territories.
“This is necessary to ensure that such symptomatic negative cases do not remain untested and do not spread the disease among their contacts. This will also ensure early detection and isolation or hospitalization of such false negatives,” the Union Health Ministry said in an order.
“Even the high-risk contacts of those symptomatic Covid-19 positive cases were tested by using the RT-PCR,” Director of Health Services Dr Aman War said today. “Therefore there are no pending symptomatic negative cases of rapid antigen test that need to be retested using the RT-PCR.”
At present Meghalaya has a total of 1,434 active coronavirus cases and most of these are asymptomatic. A total of 1,842 people have recovered from the virus, but 20, most with co-morbidities, have died because of the disease.
Patients with a history of hypertension, obesity, chronic lung disease, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are advised to take precautions as they face a higher risk of becoming severely ill from Covid-19.