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Random Covid test in Motphran, Khyndai Lad from today

Shillong, Aug 16: The Health Department has decided to carry out random tests for Covid-19 at Motphran and Khyndai Lad in the city from tomorrow.
According to Director of Health Services (MI), Dr. Aman War, screening centres will be set up at Motphran and Khyndai Lad from tomorrow to do random sample collection through antigen test in order to find out more about how people are getting infected by the coronavirus.
“We will set up the screening centres in commercial areas because now we are finding it hard to trace from where 24 people got infected by the coronavirus. If we cannot trace from where the people got infected then we have to think of a new strategy to deal with this issue,” he said.
Dr. War also informed that a random sample collection will also be done at Jhalupara tomorrow.
He informed that in Garo Hills the District Medical and Health Officers and the Deputy Commissioners will decide on the setting up of the screening centres.
Dr. War further stated that the quarantine period of those who tested positive is strictly 14 days and not beyond that.
“Once a person tested positive for Covid-19 he will be quarantined for 14 days and tested again and if he comes out negative then he need not go for further quarantine for another 14 days,” he added.
“Those going outside when they return and are tested negative, they will be quarantined for only seven days,” Dr. War said.
He said anyone found violating these new protocols and asking any person to undergo further quarantine will be dealt with as per law.