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‘Stop wasting paper and save Government money’

EGH DC details 13 point guidelines on how to use paper
Shillong, Aug 1: Stop wasting paper and save government money, says Deputy Commissioner of East Garo Hills Swapnil Tembe.
Not only has that saving paper meant saving the environment, the DC’s letter dated July 29, 2020 stated.
The DC issued a 13-point guideline to all the heads of offices addressed to each worker asking them to reduce the use of paper in the offices. He urged his district’s functionaries to think, edit and check the grammar and spellings, review, before printing out anything to avoid having to waste paper if there happened to be a mistake.
“Most offices use paper as if it is free, but the sheets are most expensive and any wastage is a huge drain on the government exchequer,” he said.
The DC in fact asked the office workers to keep a diary of paper use for a month and then they would realize their heavy use of paper and the wastage created due to careless editing mistakes.
The Government of India has been trying to implement the concept of paperless government but till date no reduction in the use of paper is seen in any office.
The EGH DC’s guidelines gave a detailed instruction on saving paper.
The first point asked the office workers in this district to use both sides of the white sheet and ensure this is done by marking the office computer defaults to print both sides. Even if the computer does not have this facility, the guideline asked them to follow the old odd-even technique.
No paper is to be thrown away without using every bit of blank space. The papers where one side has been used or outdated letter-heads, can be used as scratch pads and rough writing, whereas entirely used paper can be collected and shredded used as packing material, the guideline said.
No Xerox copy making is to be encouraged. The DC asked the officer workers to break the age-old instinct of Xeroxing copies of documents and manuals when needed for reference can be avoided by placing these documents online where anyone requiring it can access them.
The guideline also said that the archaic format of forms which ask for information not required should be updated to make them more concise and this would save a lot of paper, it said.
Other ways of economizing the use of paper according to the DC’s guidelines is to ensure that more words fit into the page and this can be done by reducing the margins to increase the printable area.
Mistakes should be avoided because as is the experience even a single mistake means that the whole printed page has to be thrown away and a new one printed. To avoid this the guideline asked the workers to make sure that the editing and spelling commands are on so that mistakes are avoided, the grammar should be check carefully and make sure that the print review is used before printing. This way there will be no mistakes when the final copy is printed out.
The guideline also said that the government should by thinner paper which is cheaper rather than the heavier variety.
However, the guideline is silent on the method of enforcement of these guidelines and whether the officers will be keeping tabs on the use of paper in their offices.