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Hek slams Congress for deriding Govt

Shillong, July 31: Health Minister, Alexander Laloo Hek has slammed the opposition Congress for terming the MDA government as inefficient and lacking experience of the leadership in handling the Covid-19 situation and the incident at Ganesh Das Government Hospital.
“I want to put it simply, put their legs (feet) in our shoes, and then they will understand,” Hek said today, while reacting to statements made by Congress spokesperson, Zenith Sangma.
Hek however did not elaborate further.
Yesterday, Sangma slammed the government on the issue of an incident at Ganesh Das Government Hospital where a pregnant woman was initially denied admission for delivery in the hospital. She was brought back and delivered the baby in the hospital, but the child did not survive.
“The incident was a reflection of inefficiency and lack of experience of the leadership in governance. After something goes wrong or after some precious life is lost, they always try to find out the remedy. The government has proven itself as insensitive time and again,” Sangma said.
He also alleged that the government has declared certain areas as containment zones without any preparedness.
The Congress leader also demanded that social stigma is made a criminal offence and asked the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government to come up with a strong legislation in this connection.
“The government should come up with a strong legislation or ordinance by making social stigma a criminal offence,” Sangma said.