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KHNAM youth wing claims unaccounted inflow of outsiders

Shillong, Jun 27: The Khun Hynñiewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM), youth wing today claimed that there has been unaccounted inflow of outsiders into the State by skipping screening at Byrnihat and directly shift to quarantine centres.
“About 50-60 people from outside the state are coming daily for the past three weeks to date that doesn’t even have a clue about the various places in our state they intent to visit and their purpose are very doubtful,” the youth wing president Thomas Passah told Highland Post.
Passah stated that these people come in groups and are not even tested at Byrnihat where they are shifted to quarantine centres especially when they arrive during odd hours.
He also stated that the staff from the health department who go and collect their samples and collect their details found out that these people don’t even have a clue where they intend to go.
“When the staff seeks their destination details, some of them say to Polo, but they don’t have a clue where the place is. While some would ask directions from them others would call up their relatives in Shillong seeking details,” Passah stated.
He stated that these people might come from the red zone states. “Some of these visitors might have been invited by their relatives here and most of them are from Bihar, UP, Delhi, Assam, Silchar, etc,” he added.
Demanding strict vigilance on entry of outsiders into the State, the KHNAM youth wing said that since the government maintains details of all entries into the State, the police department could also inquire into these unaccounted entries and send them back.