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Numerous landslides along NH 6

Khliehriat, Jun 26: Incessant rains have resulted in a number of landslides along the National Highway 6 in East Jaiñtia Hills district besides trees being uprooted and blocking this important link road.
One of the most affected sections of the highway is the area of Kuliang village where a landslide has blocked the highway, effectively cutting off road communication even as employees of the G R Infra Pvt Ltd which is in charge of maintenance of this road have now cleared the debris today.
A drive along this highway today revealed many sections being inundated because of the lack of roadside drains especially in the Lumshnong area. The water had carried runoff with it, some of which was left deposited on the road which further hindered vehicles, especially those of the smaller variants, struggling to navigate along this highway, again resulting in a traffic snarl.
Meanwhile, high velocity winds last night have uprooted a number of trees and bamboos which were draped across the road, again proving a hindrance to the free movement of vehicles especially in the Narpuh area.