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ADE raises question on PWD IB repair in Dainadubi

Tura, Jan 15: The Association for Democracy and Empowerment (ADE), Dainadubi region has raised the issue of the dilapidated condition of the PWD IB in the border village of Dainadubi while also seeking its repair on a war footing.
The association also submitted a memorandum on the matter to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, during his visit to inaugurate various schemes in North Garo Hills.
The IB, which according to locals was completed more than 45 years back, has hardly seen repairs and despite the issue being raised, the department has not taken an initiative to find a solution and not even a small part of it has seen renovation.
“The IB is totally damaged and is old enough for renovation to begin with immediate effect. Everything, including the doors, windows, rooms, toilets, floor, tables, chairs and beds in all rooms has been damaged. This IB is an important landmark and needs to be cared for,” the association said.
The condition of the IB is such that it does not resemble a place where guests can stay but feels more like a haunted house. In fact, even the linen which is used for curtains literally seems like they have been kept there since the past decade and never changed.
“This is a shame that such an important landmark has seen such neglect with no one taking the initiative to ensure repairs. Visitors who come here have no other place to put up. They have to live through the stink if they wish to stay, which is disgusting,” they said.
The ADE hoped that the matter would be taken up on a serious note and repairs to the IB were taken up quickly.
The NGO, through the memo also sought the creation of a post office or sub post office in Dainadubi.