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Teiñwell accuses Pynshngaiñ of overstepping jurisdiction

Shillong, Dec 3: Teiñwell Dkhar who was recently ousted from the post of Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) has accused Chairman, Pynshngaiñ N Syiem of meddling in Council affairs over which he has no jurisdiction.
“I have gone through the ADC rules thoroughly and I have never come across the rules that empower the Chairman to interfere on issues related to the EC or financial matters, etc,” Dkhar told reporters today.
“Is there an EC that exists in the District Council where the Chairman acts as the leader of the EC or of the Council as a whole? We will never accept such activity,” he added.
Stating that the Chairman who always talks about rules is not taking a neutral stance but is acting more like a CEM, Dkhar said, “Till date when no one even knows who has been notified as the EM members, etc the Chairman has started to talk about financial disparities in the KHADC.”
Stating that the former EC under his leadership worked as a team and all the 14 MDCs are still intact till date, he said, “Syiem tried to control me the first day I took over as the CEM KHADC.”
“Syiem who has now been branded as the remote control of the District Council in social media is a person who is after money and nothing else and the acting CEM Latiplang Kharkongor is nothing but a puppet of the Chairman,” Dkhar said.
Former Deputy CEM Pyniaid Sing Syiem while expressing his gratitude to all the 14 UDA members for remaining intact till date; stated that it is no surprise that PN Syiem has made allegations against the former EC.
“The UPF under Syiem is too insecure because they know very well that they will never be able to continue to form the EC as they desire,” he said.
Stating that the Chairman is trying to mislead the people owing to his own insecurity about his personal desires, he said, “The Mobilization Bill is a sanction from the Central scheme for the excluded area amounting to Rs 50 crores for 2018-2019 where the former EC has earmarked 1 crore to all the 30 MDCs and the rest will go to the Council asset where all tenders has been invited for the purpose and we have proceeded as per the procedure.”
“The fact that PN Syiem who is the present Chairman is trying to interfere in everything in the KHADC shows that he is very restless and power-crazy,” he added.
He alleged that PN Syiem misused the professional tax in the KHADC of Rs 2 crore. “The misappropriation of the professional tax is still in the jurisdiction of the CID till date and we urge the MDA government to move this case forward,” he added.
Moreover Pyniaid said that Syiem also manipulated the excluded fund of Rs 32 crore of 2017-2018 where spent Rs 28 crore in just one night and issued work order to the contractor without holding the tender committee.