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NGOs suspend demand for SP’s transfer

Khliehriat, Dec 3: Four NGOs based in East Jaiñtia Hills district have suspended their demand for the transfer of the Superintendent of Police Vivekanand Singh.
The decision was taken during a meeting of the leaders of the East Jaiñtia National Council (EJNC), Hynñiewtrep Achik National Movement (HANM), Hynñiewtrep National Youth Front (HNYF) and the United Hynñiewtrep Movement (UHM) which was held today.
This emergent meeting of the NGOs was held in the wake of the SP filing smuggling charges against Meghalaya People United Front (MPUF) leaders while accusing them of being involved in the smuggling of cattle to Bangladesh.
“In regard to the accusations that MPUF president, Dapoiwanmi Laloo and Khliehriat Circle president, Kyrshan Blah, the MPUF clarifies that this is an old case and an attempt of the SP to tarnish the image of the leaders of the MPUF. This case has not merit at all,” the MPUF said in reply to these charges.
Informing that a charge sheet in this regard has been forwarded to the Court, the NGO leaders said, “We have decided to suspend our demand for the transfer of the SP to ensure that there is a free and fair investigation on these charges.”
They also said that they had demanded Singh’s transfer after he had refused to meet leaders of several NGOs on November 25 after four residents of East Jaiñtia Hills district were arrested.
Meanwhile, the Jaiñtia Students’ Movement (JSM), the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) and the Jaiñtia National Council (JNC) Central Body have refuted reports that they have demanded Singh’s transfer.
In a clarification issued today, the leaders of these NGOs categorically denied that they are part of the group of NGOs which is presently demanding Singh’s ouster from the district.
“It is true that when the three members of the MPUF had been arrested, we had gone to the office of the SP along with leaders of other NGOs,” the leaders of the JSM, KSU and JNC said today.
They also said that they were unable to meet the SP which had angered the leaders of the other NGOs and had subsequently led to the demand for Singh’s transfer.
Maintaining that they have no part in this demand, the leaders of the three NGOs said Singh is an able officer who has ensured a perceptible decline in the number of crimes in the district.
“If we had been part of the demand, our signatures would have been on the memorandum submitted to the state’s Home Minister, James Sangma on November 29, 2019,” they pointed out.
It may be noted here that news of the NGOs demanding Singh’s transfer has been widely circulated through print and electronic media besides social media with some of these reports stating that the JSM, KSU and JNC are part of the group of NGOs making this demand.