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Four Garo Hills MDCs join BJP

Tura, Dec 1: Four MDCs of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) have formally joined the BJP in Tura yesterday.
The four MDCs, which include the new deputy chairman, Mettrinson G. Momin, amongst others, joined the party in the presence of BJP stalwart, Nalin Kohli, who welcomed them to the party fold.
The other MDCs who joined the BJP fold are former Chief Executive Member Boston Marak who belonged to UDP, Jimberth Goera Marak and Wenison Marak who both belonged to GNC.
The movement of the MDCs to the BJP has now seemingly confirmed the allegations of the Balachanda MDC, Sofiur Rehman, who earlier through a statement said that the GHADC had seen the BJP support the Congress move in attempting to bring down the NPP led executive committee in the council a few days ago.
On November 27, the GHADC saw high drama after the Congress led opposition won the election to the post of deputy chairman against the NPP candidate, Augustine Marak.
The election was supposed to be followed by a no confidence vote against the NPP led executive committee.
Congress backed Mettrinson Momin secured 15 votes while Augustine Marak got 13 votes while one vote was deemed invalid.
The voting was conducted through secret ballot and led to a huge surprise for the NPP after at least five members of their alliance voted for the opposition candidate.
However, fearing the inevitable, the NPP led ruling members staged a walkout and has not given any indication of stepping down.
The opposition, however, has demanded a special session of the GHADC to complete the no-confidence motion and oust the NPP led executive committee.