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Mineral Fund to be used for rejuvenation of Lukha, Lunar

Khliehriat, Dec 1: The Deputy Commissioner (DC) of East Jaintia Hills district, F M Dopth has assured that a project for the rejuvenation of the Lukha and Lunar rivers running through the district will be started which will be funded under the District Mineral Fund.
This assurance has been made after the DC had led an inspection of the two rivers yesterday accompanied by magistrates, government officials and representatives of the Hynriew Shnong Wah Lukha Association.
As part of this inspection, the delegation had first visited Khaddum village where it was found that the Lukha is a clean river at its source and that the phase value of the water is 8.3 and fit for human consumption and use.
However, the inspection of Lunar river revealed the stark opposite where it was found that the water is highly polluted and that the river is essentially a dead river and that its water has turned a yellowish colour.
It was also fund that the water is no longer fit for human consumption and that its phase value is only 4.9.
In light of these findings, the DC has assured that efforts to clean up Lunar river will be expedited. “We will ensure that pollutants do not find their way to the river anymore,” the DC said.
An inspection was also carried out at Star Cement Ltd, Lumshnong after which the DC said that a joint inspection will now be carried out in the presence of scientists and experts before a decision is made as to what can be done to ensure that pollutants from cement factories do not find their way to Lunar river.