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Nongal residents demand repair of rickety bridge

Tura, Dec 1: Residents of Nongalbibra in South Garo Hills district along with NGOs from the area have brought to light the pathetic condition of the main bridge connecting two sections of the town and sought immediate attention from the PWD to repair the structure.
The complaint over the poor bridge condition was made by the GSU, Mothers’ Union, Auto Association, FKJGP, Nongal Bazaar Committee, Daranggre Nokmas along with residents yesterday.
Pictures of the bridge show the extremely poor condition of the structure where much of the concrete is wearing off.
“This bridge is a lifeline to the two sections of the town and is in extremely poor shape. The matter ought to have been worked on by the concerned department but no one has bothered. In its present state it poses extreme danger to people who use it on a daily basis,” said Rakesh Marak, the president of Nokmas of Daranggre.
The bridge has been of extreme strategic importance as most of the coal trade is taken up through the route. Even while it was being constructed, residents had pointed to the poor finishing by the contractor, which however was not taken up by the PWD (National Highway) authorities.
It also connects to other villages including Jadi, Siju and thereafter to Baghmara, the district headquarter. The bridge falls under NH – 62.
Even now sections of the bridge have gaps which are being filled up with iron slabs. Other sections of the over 100 metre bridge have potholes the size of swimming pools.
“Use of this mess of a bridge is harmful and needs immediate attention. We want to appeal to the authorities to come and see for themselves firsthand to understand the perils we face on a daily basis. If coal were to reopen tomorrow, the situation will only get worse, unless something is done to repair the damaged sections of the bridge with immediate effect,” added a local resident.