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MBDA accused of underhanded tactics in job recruitment

Shillong, Nov 14: The Khasi National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) state youth wing has accused the Meghalaya Basin Development Authority (MBDA) of not issuing a public notification with regards to a change in the date of submission of the application for the various vacant posts in the department.
Informing that the notification from the office of the MBDA was notified for posts including the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), one post for Project Scientist (Bio Resources), 2 posts for the Technical Assistant (Bio Resources), 3 posts for Field Assistant (Bio Resources), 2 posts for Technical Assistant (Green Energy) and 3 posts for the Field Assistant (Green Energy), KHNAM leader Thomas Passah said that the office through a notification has announced the last date to submit the application for the various posts on November 15.
“Surprisingly, candidates who went to submit their application on November 14 were rejected on grounds that the last date for application has been altered to November 13, 2019,” he said.
Stating that information on the changed date was only hung up on the notice board of the office without any public notification, Passah said that this is akin to taking away the right of the aspiring youth of the state. He alleged that there are some underhand means going on behind the scenes.
“This also shows that there are people with vested interests who want to appoint their people in these posts through unfair means and this is not acceptable,” he added.
Passah further alleged that the advertisement floated by the office shows that the reservation policy 1972 of the state government was not taken into consideration.
“These kinds of activities need to come out into the open so that the youth, parents and the public at large come to know about the way the state government and its various departments function,” he said.
Expressing KHNAM Youth Wing’s condemnation of this issue, he said that it will go to the root, unearth everything and take strong steps against these kinds of activities.