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FKJGP closes banks for disregarding holiday

Shillong, Nov 7: The FKJGP Mawlai Circle under the leadership of its secretary Varzellino P. Lyngdoh, today shut down about 9-10 bank branches under Mawlai area for operating on the occasion of Shad Nongkrem today.
Lyngdoh, told reporters that following the information that 9-10 bank branches under Mawlai area were operating at the occasion of the Shad Nongkrem which has been declared as a State holiday, the FKJGP Mawlai Circle went and downed the shutters of these bank branches.
“We strongly warn the various institutions and branches to respect the Khasi festivals that have been declared as State holidays and we don’t want to see these kinds of activities being repeated on the occasion of the Seng Kut Snem and they should remain closed,” he added.