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Posts published in “Day: June 16, 2019”

Museum houses jug that predicts future of couples

‘Maw Buh Shyieng’ where the ancestors reside HP NEWS SERVICE Shillong, Jun 15: Menhirs, dolmens, cists, dolmeinoid cists, cairns, capstones etc. are found in different locations from Shangpung to Nartiang and various other place in the Jaintia Hills. Now a stone mortuary practice in Jaintia Hills is set to get recognition and perhaps it could land in the tourism map of Meghalaya. Maw Buh Shyieng, a place situated in a hillock in Raliang village in West Jaintia Hills is being preserved by stakeholders because it is where the bones of the ancestors are placed. Maw Buh Shyieng is basically cairns…